3 Foods That Melt Body Fat


It’s no secret that weight loss is challenging — no matter what you do, you can’t seem to lose those extra pounds. Of course, in order to effectively lose weight, you need to eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, take supplements, and even manage stress levels. To say the least, it’s fairly complex.

If you have changed your diet in order to reduce body fat, you should focus on foods that maximize results. Just as weight loss supplements can enhance your efforts, so can certain foods. By incorporating the following 3 foods into your diet, you will be able to melt body fat much more easily.

Consume These 3 Foods to Melt Body Fat

Whether you’re consuming thermogenic foods or are focusing on options that increase hydration, your diet will make a significant difference in terms of your weight loss journey. Quit struggling and maximize results today — include these three foods into your regular diet to benefit from their fat-melting effects.

  1. High-fiber foods

Far too many individuals underestimate their digestive health. In reality, you are only as healthy as what you’re absorbing and digesting. When you increase your intake of high fiber foods, including seeds, grains, beans, and vegetables, you are consuming both insoluble and soluble fiber.

In turn, you benefit from enhanced digestion and improved weight control. In fact, one study, published in Obesity, found that for every 10-gram increase in fiber, visceral fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over the course of five years. This is important, as visceral fat is the deep abdominal layer that threatens organ function and optimal health.

Fiber not only has the ability to reduce body fat, but also help you stay on-track. High-fiber foods tend to be more filling, helping you curb hunger and reduce cravings. Some of the best food options include, but are not limited to — berries, coconut, figs, squash, black beans, split peas, lentils, and flax seeds.

  1. Green tea

Green tea has a long history, having strong roots in China and other Asian cultures. Extremely high in antioxidants, green tea offers a wide range of benefits — including its ability to support healthy weight loss. Natural chemicals known as polyphenols, are found in green tea, helping your body burn fat more rapidly.

Within one study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that green tea significantly benefits both weight loss and weight management. This effect is due to a particular polyphenol, known as catechins. This natural beverage will enhance fat oxidation and energy expenditure, helping you maximize your goals.

  1. Low-glycemic foods

It’s well understood that sugar significantly contributes to both weight gain and disease. Following a low glycemic diet is especially important for those with diabetes. This index ranks the amount of time it takes glucose to breakdown into the bloodstream. A high glycemic food, such as candy, will spike blood sugar rapidly.

A low glycemic food, such as all-natural Greek yogurt, will digest more slowly, causing a gradual, more steady output. As blood sugar levels spike, insulin is released. This can lead to excess fat storage, especially around the midsection. When you start to eliminate white breads, crackers, cereals, and other high glycemic, processed foods, you will notice a world of difference.

As you focus on a healthier, cleaner diet, you will also need to ensure you’re getting enough water. Dehydration is more common than people think. Since the human body is around 70 percent water, you need to increase your intake and eat more hydrating foods, in order to maximize metabolic functioning — it will also help flush toxins.

It’s time to makeover your diet — focusing on new, sustainable eating habits that will fuel your weight loss journey; as you melt body fat with ease. For optimal results, source a weight loss supplement in addition to regular exercise. Reach your weight loss goals today!